Feed is a platform that helps the progression of many different creatives such as graphic designers, dancers, photographers, fashionistas, musicians, hair and make up artists and fine artists.

For the past 3 years FEED has created a series of magazines which are conceived, designed, written and printed by creative and performing artists at the FEED studios, it is a collaboration between the creative industries and the creative and performing arts department with world renowned artists taking part such as Mainframe, Johnny Hardstaff, Accept and Proceed, Vanley Burke and Jonathan Barnbrook.
The brief was to create a fashion spread for forthcoming trends as a part of the GOLD issue.

In collaboration with Martin Wilkie and Ryan Killeen we produced a collage of photography and illustration to create a tongue and cheek approach to a fashion layout through a combination of candid photography and selected models.

For more information on FEED please visit here

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