Oasis Church, Birmingham

Create an outdoor welcome banner to be placed outside Edgbaston Cricket Ground announcing that Oasis Church meet there and their new times of meeting. Moving away from previous colour palette used the banner had to use the new palette based on the 2010/2011 literature. Also, create flags that could be placed outside the entrance where the church meet but were movable from week to week. Finally, Create indoor environmental graphics: one detailing Biblical aspects of God's character and the second featuring a New Testament verse.

A large format PVC banner utilising the bold colour of the literature to strong effect to attract attention. This is then carried over to the flags which were in a weighted base but mobile enough to change location as and when the church needed them. This was also an important aspect of the environmental graphics using rollerbanners. These were designed with a move away from the current colour palette to a multicoloured approach for greater emphasis, whilst also standning apart from the rest of the church's identity.

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